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General Questions

Am I allowed to tip the ramp guys or the drivers?

Yes, you are welcome to tip them if they have some how assisted you, but it is not expected.


Can I just use your ramp? 

If you would like to use our ramp you must pay a $5 ramp access fee. One vehicle must remain in our FRONT parking lot while another will be at the other end of your trip. People providing their own boats and transportation are not restricted to the 1 PM take out cut off, however each trip ranges from 3-6 hours so please keep that in mind when going on the river. It is dangerous after dark. If you are shuttling yourself on our 5-mile route, the address for Lillard's Mill is 1002 Milltown Rd, Lewisburg, TN 37091. 

Can I bring my dog?

We are happy to welcome dogs on the river in our canoes and kayaks. We do not have lifejackets to accommodate your pets, and we highly recommend you bring your own. If your pets are going on land with you, you must keep them restrained (leash, crate, etc.) as much of the land surrounding the river is private property.

Can I bring alcohol?

No. Alcohol is not permitted. We are a family rental company and as such there are always children on the river. Alcohol is not allowed and if a TWR or TSP officer witnesses you consuming alcohol you can be arrested for public intoxication.

Is there an age restriction?

Sometimes. While there is no general age restriction for our canoes, kayaks, or tubing; we highly recommend you use your best judgement - you know your child best. We have lifejackets available for children as small as 20 lbs. If your child weighs less than this, please bring a certified lifejacket that fits your child.

There may be times when we allow paddling "With Restriction" which means no one under 18 will be allowed on the river and people unfamiliar with the river are strongly discouraged from going out.

Kayaking and Canoe Trip Questions

How many people can fit in a canoe?

Up to four people can fit in a canoe [two adults and two children under 12]. The canoes comfortably seat two people, but a third adult can be added. Any people beyond the first two are subject to additional charges.

Do you have sit on tops, backrests, etc?

All of our kayaks are sit-on-top kayaks; we do not offer sit-inside kayaks at this time. Our canoes do not have a seat backs on them. If you need a seat back, we recommend bringing a stadium chair or something similar to optimize your comfort on the trip!


Can I bring a cooler?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to bring food and drink so you can stay energized and hydrated. Our kayaks have the space to fit a small cooler (6-pack size) on the back of the boat. Our canoes have the most space for coolers anything larger than that.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on what type of boat you rent, which trip you take, and how many people are going. If you know what trips and boats you'd like you can make a reservation here and your total with tax will show.


How long are the trips?

While we can provide you with an average amount of time each trip takes, please keep in mind there are several variables including the speed at which you paddle, the depth of the river, and how often you stop. From Milltown Dam to River Rats Ramp is approximately five miles and averages 4 hours. From River Rats Ramp to Carpenter Bridge is nine miles and averages 6 hours. (NOTE: We are currently not offering our River Rats to Carpenters Bridge trip for the 2020 season.)


What happens if I can't make it back by 6 PM?

If you are unable to bring our boats back by 6 PM you will have to pay $25 per boat per hour that you stayed out on the water. A member of our staff will have to return to the property to bring your boats up and store them, and release your vehicle from our parking lot. The fee you are charged covers their pay, gasoline, and the inconvenience of having to return to the property. This fee is non-negotiable and you are legally bound to pay it by signing our liability waiver.

Tube Trip Questions

How much does the tube trip cost?

Tubes are $15. If you bring your own tube, it's $5 for the shuttle service. If you are bringing your own tube, we do not offer online reservations, but do recommend you call and confirm river conditions are fine. 

How long is the tube trip?

The tubing runs from 10 AM - 1 PM on weekdays with the last trip starting at 1 PM and 10 AM - 2 PM on weekends and holidays with the last trip starting at 2 PM. It is a 1.5 mile lazy river and takes approximately 1 hour - 2.5 hours. You are entitled to unlimited trips with your rental fee so you can enjoy the river all day until the daily cutoff limit. 

How do I get back to my car?

At the end of the tube trip one of our shuttle drivers will be waiting to take you back to the beginning. You can take additional trips down the river until 1 PM on weekdays and 2PM on weekends or use the shuttle to return to the parking area.

Where is the tube trip?

The tube trip is located at River Rats and runs to Hardison Mill Bridge. Our office is located at 4361 Hwy 431 Columbia, TN 38401

Can I bring a cooler on the tube trip?

Yes. However, we do not offer cooler float anymore, and we cannot give out any rental tubes to fit your cooler. You may bring your own float for your cooler for a $5 charge.



Q: Do I need to make a reservation?need reservations?

While reservations are not usually required, we do recommend you do make a reservation as boats do tend to go quickly. Reservation times tend to fully book 48 hours prior, but you may call to check availability. As with most canoe rentals places our inventory is limited.

Q: What happens if I'm late?
You will most likely lose your reservation and any deposit you made.
Reservations are made for the time your boat touches water. It is expected that your entire group is present and ready to check in and make payments no later than 15 minutes prior to your reserved time. 
Reservations are considered to be "no-show" after 30 minutes past the reserved time and boats will be released.
Reservations marked as no-show are not entitled to a refund of any kind, which includes if a member of your party is late. When you reserve a boat we hold it for you, turning away others when we're fully booked.
Q: Can I make a group reservation?
Yes. If you know you are planning to have a larger group, we recommend booking online through one of our "Book Now" buttons. See "How can I make a group reservation online?" for more details. 
Q: How can I make a group reservation online?
You should designate a head person for the group before anybody makes a reservation. The head person should take a head count of everybody in their group and make one single reservation through one of our "Book Now" buttons. With this one reservation, one form of payment should be taken. We recommend one person pay and have everyone else pay that person back before or after their trip, not while checking in.  We do understand some groups will be bigger than the allotted spaces and suggest you book the next available time and give us a call so we can add a note indicating the time & group you intend to join. 
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